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Wash Certificates - Up to 50% Off!
Pre-Paid Cards up to0 50% Off!
Yep...and it's easy too! When you purchase our convenient Wash Certificates or Prepaid Value Cards from our secure online store, you can save as much as 50% on each and every car wash!
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Wash N' Shine Certificates

A Wash N' Shine Wash Certificate is a simple and easy way to pay for a car wash instead of using cash. Just slide the Wash Certificate into the dollar acceptor at any of our Touchless or Foambrite Automatic car washes and your car wash is paid for!

Are you a car dealership, limosouine service or a company with a need for a cost effective solution for high volume car washing needs? Click here to contact us for more information on how Wash-N-Shine can be of service to your company.

$8.00 Wash Certificates

$8.00 Wash Certificates

Price: $8.00
Volume purchases receive additional discounts!
From To Discount (each)
5 9 -$0.80
10 14 -$1.20
15 99 -$2.00
100 ...and above -$4.00

Wash N' Shine want's to make it easy for you to get a great carwash. That's why you can purchase our Wash Certificates online. We make it even easier to save as much as 50%!

When you:

  • Purchase 5 to 9 $8.00 certificates, you save 10% off of each certificate.
  • Purchase 10 to 14 "$8.00" certificates, you save 15% off of each certificate.
  • Purchase 15 to 99 "$8.00" certificates, you save 25% off of each certificate
  • You purchase 100 or more "$8.00" certificates, you save 50% off of each certificate!
$8.00 Wash Certificates Quantity:
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